Congratulations to all the winners at this year's National Nursery Awards!


Another great evening was had by all on Saturday, 28th November as we came together to celebrate the very best in the nursery sector at the 2015 NMT National Nursery Awards.

The annual awards promote excellence for all staff working within the nursery sector. We were astounded by the high standard of finalists this year, and as always, we were humbled to hear the stories behind the success of each worthy winner.

As well as being the main sponsor for the awards, we were also pleased to sponsor the individual titles of Nursery Operations / Regional Director Award, which was won by Simone Carter from Bright Horizons as well as the very special, Nursery Lifetime Achievement Award, won by Philippa Fell from Droitwich Spa Nursery and Kindergarten.

Senior Operations Director Simone Carter impressed the judges, who noted that Simone demonstrated a "true willingness to place children at the heart of her decision making" helping her to win the Nursery Operations/Regional Director award. Simone's strong leadership skills and ability to help her workforce achieve in their own professional journey, placed Simone at the top of the judges' list.

Philippa Fell has been involved in the care of children for over 40 years, starting her career in the health service before establishing Droitwich Spa Nursery and Kindergarten in 1993. A recent Ofsted report classed the setting as being outstanding on all levels with staff at the nursery being "very supportive of each other and work well as a team." This is a testament to the hard work and passion that Philippa puts into her work, with the judges noting that a customer classed her nursery as "a magical place one would never want to leave." Well done, Philippa - a very worthy recipient for this year's Nursery Lifetime Achievement Award.

Many congratulations to you both.

Well done to all those who made the finals from everyone at The Consortium.

A full list of winners will be available in the next issue of NMT magazine.