Under the Sea

07 Mar 2016

5 Ideas for Using Story Sacks to...

Introducing story sacks to your school or setting is an excellent way in which to stimulate children and bring stories to life.  You can use a ready made story sack featuring a book with soft toys of the main characters and other related materials to include the CD and prompt […]

15 Jul 2015

Under the Sea Phonics Play

Phonics is a well recognised way of teaching children to read quickly and is proven to help children to become fluent and confident readers. Recognising the sounds that single letters and combinations of letters make is the first stage in phonics and helps children begin to decode words that they see […]

24 Jun 2015

An Under the Sea Themed Display

Under the sea is a fun topic for pre school children to learn about this important environment and the creatures that live there. An ocean topic can also be a great way to inspire children’s imagination with an Under the Sea display or themed area. Our display is made using easy […]

12 Jun 2015

10 Under the Sea Crafts

These fun Under the Sea crafts are a great way for children to get creative whilst learning about the different animals that live in the sea. They also make a colourful addition to an Under the Sea display or themed area.   Jellyfish and Octopus Models To make the Octopus turn […]

04 Jun 2015

7 Under the Sea Paper Plate Craf...

Under the Sea is a fun and visual topic for early years settings. These easy under the sea paper plate crafts are great for children to make and take home or for decorating a themed corner or room in the setting. They can either be stuck to a wall or […]

13 May 2015

8 Ideas for Under the Sea Small ...

Small world play has so many learning opportunities for preschool children. Story telling to increasing understanding of the world by learning and talking about the animals, objects and habitats that they are playing with to experimenting with the properties of different materials are all fun possibilities. It is also a […]

07 May 2015

DIY Under the Sea Sensory Bottle...

Sensory bottles are a fascinating toy for young children to discover how liquids and other materials move and behave. They are also great fun to play with, shake and watch the light shining through. Our Under the Sea Sensory Bottles allow for a variety of different contents to be combined for […]

07 May 2015

How to Make a Paper Bowl Jellyfi...

These paper bowl jellyfish are super quick to make but with a great end result. They are great for hanging from the ceiling or for decorating an Under the Sea themed corner or display. You will need Paper bowls Pearlescent paint Wiggly eyes Ribbons Crepe paper Glue We have found […]