03 Aug 2016

Reggio Approach - Mark Making

When looking at the Reggio approach and thinking about exploration, this painting and mark making activity is brilliant. It links well with early writing, physical development and communication & language development. For mark making activity you will need • Paint brushes (as many different kinds as you have) • Sponges […]

13 Jul 2016

Reggio Approach - Sensory Explor...

In my previous blog post we talked about what the Reggio approach is and how you can create mini art areas within your setting. The next post in the series covers sensory exploration and how you can further develop exploration within the everyday activities you provide for the children attending your […]

17 Jun 2016

Reggio Approach: An Introduction

This post is part of a mini-series based around the Reggio approach, the first instalment will be an overview of the approach and will explain how you can implement elements of Reggio into your own setting. The next post in the series will look at how you can add further […]