Mother’s Day

09 Feb 2016

Clay Hand Craft for Mother's Day

Young children love making and giving gifts to their mums on Mother’s day. Homemade and personalised gifts are often the most cherished, so this simple guide to making clay hand ornaments should wow mothers while allowing children to express their creative side. With opportunity to stamp their own designs on […]

09 Feb 2016

A Flower Garland for Mother's Da...

Making a flower garland is a great way for children to celebrate Mother’s Day and take home something special. While the finished item will look great, young children will also greatly benefit from the process of creating their own personalised garland. They have the chance to plan and design which […]

02 Feb 2016

Card Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for children to express their thanks and appreciation to their mothers. It’s a special occasion for both the children and their mothers. Making their own personal cards is the perfect way for kids to express their gratitude, so we’ve come up with some card ideas […]