15 Jun 2015

How to Make a Minibeast Magnet Maze

A minibeast magnet maze is a fun activity for children to learn about minibeasts and their habitats, discover how magnets work and practice gross and fine motor skills. The maze is easy to make with just a few resources including our downloable minibeast maze printable. Here’s how: You will need Minibeast […]

03 May 2016

Citizen Science for Younger Chil...

Getting children involved with real scientific projects is a great way to inspire them to learn about the environment around them. Citizen Science in particular gives benefits to both the children and organisations by getting them involved to provide data for specific projects. By giving children the opportunity to spend more […]

12 Aug 2015

5 Minibeast Craft Ideas

Minibeasts are a firm favourite in early years settings. After getting outdoors on a minibeast hunt these fun crafts are a great way to extend children’s learning about the topic and give them a chance for some creative expression. Just a few different resources including paper plates, paper bowls, cardboard […]

10 Jun 2015

Ladybird Number Bonds - Printabl...

These Ladybird number bonds mats allow preschool and reception children to add the correct number of spots using modelling dough, buttons or counters so that the ladybird has 10 spots. Play is a key way of learning for EYFS children and this EYFS maths activity allows them to play with […]

13 May 2015

A Minibeast Hunt

A minibeast hunt is probably one of the easiest outdoor activities to organise for children as long as you have an outdoor area, preferably with some different habitats to explore. It is a great way for children to explore and discover the world as well as developing a range of […]

12 May 2015

How to Make a Cardboard Tube But...

Butterflies are always popular as inspiration for art and craft activities with preschool children. Our quick and easy cardboard tube butterflies give children the chance to learn about symmetry and nature with a lovely end result. You will need Cardboard tubes Coloured construction paper Wiggly eyes Ready mix paint Glitter markers […]