24 Oct 2016

Christmas Activities for Early Y...

In this post we have a few simple Christmas themed activities for you to try that the children will love and learn from. Christmas Present Wrapping This simple Christmas themed activity allows children to familiarise themselves with shapes, patterns and everyday objects, and then use mathematical language to describe their […]

10 Oct 2016

Lollipop Stick Christmas Crafts

We’re getting crafty this Christmas using lollipop sticks to make these miniature creations, and we think they couldn’t be any simpler and the children will love them. So here are our quick ideas: Stars There are a couple of ways you can use the sticks to create these stars, what […]

09 Nov 2015

Christmas Sensory Mark Making

This Christmas sensory mark making activity combines literacy with a fun sensory experience. It is quick and easy to set up and the ‘snow’ many additonal opportunities for discovery and play. You will need Optional extras To set up the mark making tray, make up the insta-snow according to the […]

09 Nov 2015

Festive Pictures for Little Hand...

Small children love creating hand and finger print paintings. Our selection of festive hand and finger print picture ideas will provide plenty of inspiration this Christmas. Handprint Robin Make one handprint using brown ready mix paint. Once the paint is dry, cut out and stick sideways onto a piece of […]

04 Nov 2015

A Christmas Sensory Tray

This Christmas sensory tray is not only a fun activity for pre school children but also a great learning experience. The tray is easy to set up and offers a good opportunity for children to practice fine motor skills, develop language skills and lots more. Our tray consisted of a […]

04 Nov 2015

How to Make Pom Pom Snowmen

These lovely pom pom snowmen are lovely additions to a Christmas tree or festive scene. They can easily be made using pom poms and are a fun craft for children to help with. Resources required 1. Wind wool around a reusable pom pom card. Wind the wool through the hole in […]

03 Nov 2015

Paper Snowflake Angels

Making paper snowflakes is a fun activity for children and a good opportunity for practising cutting skills. These pretty paper snowflake angels are a great way to turn paper snowflakes into festive decorations for your setting this Christmas. Watch our video or read on to find out how! 1. Download […]

02 Nov 2015

How to Make a Christmas Clay Dec...

This easy and creative craft is unique to each child, making it a perfect home gift. You will need ModelAiR PVA Glitter Christmas ribbon 1. Give each child a piece of ModelAiR to mould to a shape of their choice. A hand can be pushed into the ModelAir to create […]

02 Nov 2015

Snow Globe Christmas Cards

Our snow globe Christmas cards are fun and easy for little hands to make with a lovely and personal end result, that parents will love to receive at Christmas. Materials Design a Christmas Card Classpack Petri Dishes Glue Dots Stars and Snowflake Sequin Mix Ice and Snow Shakers How to make […]