Chinese New Year

25 Jan 2016

A Sensory Tray for Chinese New Y...

This sensory tray is a fun way for young children to celebrate Chinese New Year whilst gaining a range of sensory experiences and getting the chance to practice fine motor skills whilst exploring the tray or develop communication skills through role play. Required Resources Chef Wok Set or similar cooking […]

23 Dec 2015

Chinese Spring Rolls for Childre...

These Chinese spring rolls are super easy to make and tasty to eat.  They are a great way for children to celebrate and learn about Chinese New Year as well as good opportunity to experience new foods and flavours and talk about healthy eating. You Will Need: Ready chopped, shredded […]

21 Dec 2015

Paper Lanterns for Chinese New Y...

Chinese Paper lanterns are one of the most recognisable symbols of New Year celebrations. This step-by-step guide is really easy to follow and offers a great way to explore younger children’s understanding of the world’s many cultures, at the same time as developing a number of important motor skills. Based on a classic design, […]

21 Dec 2015

Chinese New Year Dragon Puppets

Dragons are traditionally associated with the Chinese New Year celebrations and these lovely dragon puppets give young children the chance to get creative whilst learning about cultures of the world. Resources Coloured Craft Card Giant Lolly Sticks Mixed Feathers Coloured Tissue Paper Glitter Glue Coloured Ribbon Sticky Tape Glue Stick […]

21 Dec 2015

Chinese Lanterns with Water Colo...

  Decorative Chinese lanterns are a key part of the annual Chinese new year celebrations. This fun and easy craft project is a great way for children to learn and talk about the world’s many different cultures. Our Chinese lanterns offer the opportunity for each child to get creative, with a large window […]

04 Dec 2015

Create your own Chinese Dragon

This dragon craft is the perfect way to explore he traditions of Chinese New Year through encouraging your class’s creative side. Everyone can play a part in creating dragon which is both highly impressive and surprisingly easy to prepare. You will need 1. Provide each child with their own paper plate and encourage them […]