EYFS superheroes

This fun superhero pictures activity is a great opportunity for children to create their own backdrop as well as inspiring their imagination for superhero storytelling. It can be linked with a range of EYFS learning outcomes including being imaginative, technology and managing feelings and behaviour.

You will need

Superheroes topic

1. You will first need to clear a big enough space on the floor to allow a backdrop to be created on the floor. The space needs to be about 2m x 2m (depending on the size of the children)

2. Lay pieces of fabric and paper on the floor. We used different shades of blue and purple fabric strips to create a night sky and cut shapes from snow blanket to create clouds. We then cut a moon from paper plate and used pieces of black paper with white squares stuck on for skyscrapers.

3. The children can then get dressed up as superheroes before carefully lying on the scene as if they were a superhero flying through the landscape.

4. Finally, a child or an adult can take a picture from above using the digital camera. In order to get the right angle and fit the whole scene in the photo may need to be taken while standing on a box or chair to add some height. The risk should be assessed and managed using the practitioners judgement to ensure the safety of any adults or children that are taking part in this activity.

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Additional Activity Ideas

  • Use children’s superhero photographs in displays or to attach to the front of exercise books with their learning goals or ‘super powers to achieve’ written underneath.
  • Use the photography as a basis for a PHSE discussions where children can talk about superhero characteristics.
  • Allow children to experiment with technology by taking their own pictures and then editing using free software such as paint or a website like picmonkey.com.
  • Allow children to tell or write their own story about how they became a superhero and one of the adventures that they have had.
  • Use the pictures to discuss optical illusions. They can try to explain why it looks like they are flying in the pictures and observe how things look smaller in the distance and how this can be used when creating pictures or photographs.

superhero pictures

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