Superhero bookmarks complete

Superheroes are great for engaging young children in reading and storytelling. They are a perfect starting point for creating individual stories, and can also be used to stimulate PHSE discussions around characteristics and behaviours of superheroes and role models. These easy to make superhero bookmarks are the perfect way to encourage early literacy skills using the enthusiasm shown for this popular topic.

Creativity and self-confidence are both key skills which can be aided by this fun exercise which is simple, flexible, and ready to be taken in any direction by imaginative children.  It can also be extended in a variety of ways with other superhero activities to increase the learning and fun.

Superhero Bookmark Materials

For your bookmarks, you will need


  1. Ask the children to think about what kind of superpowers they would like their superhero to have, and what they want them to look like. Encourage them to discuss why they have chosen which powers, and which powers they would like to have themselves. What are the differences between the behaviour of superheroes and villains?
  2. With these thoughts in mind, ask each child to use the pens and any available materials to create their hero on a craft stick of their choice.
  3. A cape can then be cut from a foam sheet, and pens used to add any special design features. Carefully attach the cape to the back of the superhero using a small amount of PVA glue, and allow it to set.
  4. Add any extra features using the foam shapes, or any other available materials, and set aside to set all glue.

Superhero bookmarks complete

Extension Ideas

  • As well as being used as bookmarks, these superheroes can be used as puppets or prompts for children to create their own superhero stories.
  • Children can choose from a range of superhero themed  or other story books to read or have read to them using their bookmark to save the place.

EYFS learning goals supported by this activity:

ELG 06 Personal, social and emotional development: self-confidence and self-awareness

ELG07 Managing feelings and behaviour: managing feelings and behaviour

ELG09 Literacy: Reading

ELG16 Expressive arts and design: exploring and using media and materials

ELG17 Expressive arts and design: being imaginative

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