snowflake angel decorations

Making paper snowflakes is a fun activity for children and a good opportunity for practising cutting skills. These pretty paper snowflake angels are a great way to turn paper snowflakes into festive decorations for your setting this Christmas.

Watch our video or read on to find out how!

snowflake angel templates

1. Download and print out our snowflake angel template 1 and snowflake angel template 2. The angels body should be folded in the middle before cutting out. The circle can then be cut out and a slit cut along the dotted line.

Snowflake Christmas Decorations

2. The circle template can be folded in half 3 times before carefully cutting small shapes from the folded edges (avoiding the central split).

paper snowflake

3. The paper snowflake can then be opened out.

paper snowflake

4. The angel can be threaded through the split in the centre of  the snowflake by folding the legs together.

how to make a paper snowflake angel

5. The angels body should then be flattened and the skirt folded to lie flat.

snowflake angel 4da


6. The angel can then be decorated with glue and glitter.

Top tip: an activity tray will allow any unused glitter to be collected and reused.

glitter christmas decorations

7. A piece of thread can be used to hang the paper snowflake angels from the ceiling.

Extension Activities

  • Discuss symetry when cutting out the angel and snowflake shapes.
  • Talk about snowflakes and the microscopic patterns. Each snowflake is different, just like the children’s creations.

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