Our snow globe Christmas cards are fun and easy for little hands to make with a lovely and personal end result, that parents will love to receive at Christmas.


How to make a snow globe Christmas card

snow globe Christmas card

1. Cut out either a small photograph or drawn picture and stick into the bottom of the petri dish with glue.

Christmas cards to make

2. Add some sparkles. This can include glitter, ice and snow shakers, sequins or snowflake shapes.

Christmas cards - snow globes

3. The lid then needs to be sealed on securely using either PVA glue and leaving to dry or glue dots.

home made Christmas cards

4. The petri dish should then be stuck onto the card using either glue dots or PVA glue. Finally the card can be decorated by sticking on sequins, writing or colouring.

EYFS learning goals supported by this project

ELGO1 Communication and language development: listening and attention

ELG02 Communications and language development: understanding

ELG04 Physical development: moving and handling co-ordination

ELG06 Personal, social and emotional development: Self confidence and self awareness

ELG10 Literacy development: writing

ELG12 Mathmatics development: shape, space and measures

ELG13 Understanding the world: people and communities

ELG16 Expressive art and design: exploring and using media and materials

ELG17 Expressive arts and design: being imaginative

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