outdoor weaving

Young children love getting outside and the great outdoors is a great place for art and craft with plenty of natural resources to use, space to move around and an area where mess doesn’t matter.

Here are 5 ideas for taking art and craft outdoors:

Outdoor Weaving

The range or colours and textures of natural materials make them ideal for weaving.
Children can thread them through weaving frames or use a fence as a base to weave materials through. Outdoor weaving is not only great fun and a chance for creative expression but also great for practicing gross and fine motor skills and learning about the world.

Natural paints

Mixing up paints from natural materials is great fun and a good way to learn about colour mixing and the natural world. This post by Learn Play Imagine has a great recipe of for mud paint and this post for flower water colours.

Leaf and Bark Rubbing

Using crayons or chalk to rub leaf and bark designs on paper is a simple but fun activity. In autumn, there are plenty of leaves on the ground to collect for leaf rubbing. Children could also take part in a bigger collaborative project by wrapping a large piece of paper around a tree so each child can have a go at bark rubbing on one part. The finished piece can be used to create a wall display.

Printing and painting with natural objects

Natural objects including prickly conker cases, acorns or flowers can be used to print designs onto paper with paint. Leaves are also good for printing and using as stencils.

mud paint - outdoor art

Ground Art

The ground makes a great canvas for creating all sorts of art projects. Leaves, stones, mud and other natural materials can be used to create faces, landscapes or patterns. Whilst this type of art is only temporary, it can be recorded by taking a photograph.

Leaf Sculptures

Threading different coloured leaves onto twigs before sticking them into the ground is a great way for young children to create three dimensional sculptures. Children can also design their own leaf and twig sculptures.

Messy painting

Getting messy is an almost unavoidable part of art and craft for younger children. Being outdoors allows children the freedom for messy creativity and the space to work on larger scale art projects. Painting with hands, feet, spray bottles, balloons filled with paint, toy cars and balls in a Tuff tray are all great outdoor art possibilities. You can find a good recipe for spray chalk  on Growing a Jewelled Rose.

Have you been getting outdoors for art and crafts? We would love to see your creations.

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