Ladybird Number Bonds

These Ladybird number bonds mats allow preschool and reception children to add the correct number of spots using modelling dough, buttons or counters so that the ladybird has 10 spots. Play is a key way of learning for EYFS children and this EYFS maths activity allows them to play with modelling dough and use their hands to actively learn. This Early years resource is a great way for children to begin to familiarise themselves with their number bonds to 10. They are also great for practicing counting and beginning to understand number facts ad how numbers are added together to make 10.

With their bright colours and bold spots, Ladybirds are a popular choice for preschool children. This free printble resource is a fun activity as part of a mini beast topic. It also makes a great resource for a mini beast themed maths area.

To use our free printable Ladybird number bonds sheets:

  • Download the pdf file here Ladybird Number Bonds 1-9
  • Print onto A4 paper in colour
  • Laminate each of the sheets
  • Provide children with either buttons, counters or modelling dough.
  • You can ask them to make sure that each of the Ladybirds has 10 spots, adding some on the empty side of the wings if needed.

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