pom pom snowmen

These lovely pom pom snowmen are lovely additions to a Christmas tree or festive scene. They can easily be made using pom poms and are a fun craft for children to help with.

pom poms

1. Wind wool around a reusable pom pom card. Wind the wool through the hole in the centre of the card until you have built up a layer of wool.

pom pom

2. Once you have wound enough wool around the card, tie to secure the wool. Then cut around the wool by putting the blade of a pair of scissors between the two pieces of card and snipping all of the way round.

pom pom 3

3. Pull the two pieces of card apart slightly and use a piece of wool to tie securely in the middle of the card pieces. Tear away the card and fluff up the wool to create a round pom pom.

pom pom snowman

4. Two pom poms of different sizes can be joined togetehr using a needle and wool. Leave an extra piece of wool for hanging the decoration on  a Christmas tree. Use  a circle of card and a bead to create the snow mans hats and stick on buttons and a nose made from felt. Complete the snowman by adding some wiggly eyes.

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