Small children love creating hand and finger print paintings. Our selection of festive hand and finger print picture ideas will provide plenty of inspiration this Christmas.

hand print robin

Handprint Robin

Make one handprint using brown ready mix paint. Once the paint is dry, cut out and stick sideways onto a piece of coloured paper. Add a wiggly eye, a beak made from a triangle of folded yellow paper, a red breast with glitter glue, a lolly stick to stand on and draw feet using glitter markers.

hand print reindeer hat

Handprint Reindeer Hat

Make a hand print from each hand using brown paint. Cut out and stick to a strip of paper. Stick the strip of paper into a band to fit around the child’s head.

Extension idea: children can use reindeer hats for role play activities to develop communication and language skills and explore the topic of Christmas.

hand print holly

Hand Print Holly

Create two handprints using green ready mix paint. Draw around hands and cut out. Stick onto paper to create a holly shape with circles of red paper as berries.

Extension idea: children can turn hand prints into Christmas cards and practise writing skills by adding a message and their name inside.

hand and finger print reindeers

Hand and Finger Print Reindeers

Reindeers can be created using a variety of combinations of hand or finger prints using brown ready mix paint. Add wiggly eyes and noses with red pom poms, circles of red paper or red glitter and draw on antlers with brown colouring pens.

fingerprint snowmen

Hand and Finger Print Snowmen

Snowmen pictures can be created with either one handprint upside down or 3 fingerprints on top of each other. White paint on black or dark blue paper works well for maximum contrast. Once the paint is dry, faces and buttons can be drawn on with black and orange pen and hats and scarves added with glitter markers, or by sticking on pieces of tissue and coloured paper and pom poms.

Christmas tree

Hand Print Christmas Tree

Create five hand prints using green ready mix paint. Draw around the hands with pen and cut out. Stick the handprints upside down onto coloured paper and draw a tree trunk with colouring pens. Children can decorate their Christmas trees in a variety of ways by sticking on ribbon, sequins, beads, pom poms and coloured paper shapes.

Will you be doing any hand print art this Christmas? do you have any ideas to add?

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