Halloween is a fun time of years when children love trick or treating but it also offers a good opportunity to get creative with art and crafts. These quick and easy halloween crafts can be created with a small selection of art and craft resources.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Halloween crafts

Get a bunch of 4 pipe cleaners for legs and roll another 2 or 3  pipe cleaners around them into a ball. Finish by bending the legs into shape and adding some wiggly eyes.

Conker Bats and Spiders

Conker crafts

Collecting conkers is a fun autumn activity for children. These cute conker monsters put them to good use by just adding wiggly eyes and black paper wings or pipe cleaner legs.

Extension idea: If you don’t have any conkers modelling dough can be used by children to create their own monsters with a range of craft materials.

Pumpkin Printing

halloween hand prints

Dipping children’s fists into orange paint and then pressing onto paper. Green stalks are drawn on with colouring pens and the eyes and mouths made by cutting shapes from black paper.

Halloween Pictures

halloween pictures

The Background of these pictures are made from coloured tissue paper with black paper silhouettes stuck over the top.

Extension idea: Pastels, poster paint or watercolour paints can also be used to create backgrounds.

Spiders Webs

halloween spiders webs

A bunch of pipe cleaners can be wound into a star shape before wrapping string around to create a spiders web.

Dia De Muertos Masks

Dia De Los  Muertos Masks

Dia De Muertos is Day of the Dead in Spanish and is a Mexican festival that coincides with Halloween.  These masks are inspired by the sugar skulls created for the festival and are easy to make by drawing on masks with felt tip pens. The flowers are made using scrunched up tissue paper.

Extension idea: children can research Day of the Dead designs online and use them as inspiration for creating their own mask designs.

Cardboard Tube Bats

bat craft - Halloween

This bat is made by wrapping black paper around a cardboard tube, cutting out ear and wing shapes from black paper and fangs from white paper. The bats can be finished off using wiggly eyes and glitter glue.

You will need:

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