This fun Easter themed activity tray is great to encourage children to develop their fine motor skills by using a variety of tools to feed the Easter chicks.

It also opportunities for imaginative play, practising communication skills and learning about the cultural and religious aspects of the Easter celebration. Feeding chicks, giving them water and discussing how they hatch from eggs will also help to increase children’s understanding of the world and living things.


To set up the feed the chick activity tray

fine motor practice - Easter

The idea of the activity is for children to use the fine motor tools to grab pasta or small pieces of string and scooping rice to place in the lids or feeding bowls for the chicks. They can also use the pipette to transfer water from a small finger bowl into a smaller lid for the chicks to drink.

feed the chick fine motor practice

In reality children will find their own ways to play with the tray which could include using fingers to feed the chicks, hiding and finding the chicks and eggs or creating nests for the chicks to go to bed. All offer fun and valuable learning opportunities for children including sensory experiences, imaginative play, developing communication skills and experimenting.



EYFS learning goals supported by this activity:

ELG01 Communication and language: speaking

ELG04 Physical development: moving and handing co ordination

ELG06 Personal, social and emotional development: Self confidence and self awareness

ELG13 Understanding the world: People and communities

ELG14 Understanding the world: The world

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