EYFS Healthy Eating Activities - Monster Sandwiches

Monster sandwiches are great fun for children to both make and eat. This EYFS healthy eating activity is also a good way of encouraging children to taste new foods and textures as well as practice fine motor skills when constructing their sandwiches and learn about where food comes from.

You will need:

  • Our Printable Design a Monster Sandwich Worksheet
  • A selection of read/ rolls/ wraps (preferably some wholemeal and granary)
  • A selection of fillings e.g. chicken, turkey, cheese, tuna, egg, houmous
  • Vegetables/ salad for creating monster features e.g olives, cucumber, small peppers, grated carrot
  • Butter / spread/ mayonaise
  • Plates, blunt knives e.t.c. for making sandwiches

Monster sandwiches

Children can draw and colour their own designs for a monster sandwich using our Design Your Own Monster Sandwich Printable. To choose the ingredients that they would like to include they can draw, copy the words or circle their selection from a pre written list or pictures of ingredients available. Choosing ingredients is a good opportunity for children to learn about food and where it comes from as well as learning about making healthy choices.

Healthy eating EYFS monster sandwiches

A soft butter or spread will give children the chance to practice spreading and easy to cut salad like cress or lettuce can be chopped with a blunt knife. Children can also use cutters to cut shapes from bread, meats or cheese for their sandwiches. Harder vegetables like carrots can be pre chopped for children to add to their sandwiches.

Designing and making sandwiches also gives children a good opportunity to practice counting, weighing and measuring.

For more information and resources on healthy eating visit the NHS Change4Life website.

 Healthy eating activities

This EYFS healthy eating activity can cover a number of the EYFS goals:


  • Counting and measuring ingredients to make sandwiches.

Physical Development

  • Practicing control movements and using tools (blunt knives) to spread and chop softer vegetables.
  • Understanding healthy choices in relation to food and why some foods are more healthy than others.


  • Tasting new types of healthy food including vegetables and wholemeal breads.
  • Developing confidence by designing their own sandwich and choosing which foods to include.

Communication and Language

  • Using language to discuss what they are doing and how they are making sandwiches and describing the taste and textures of their sandwiches.

Understanding the World

  • Visiting  a local farmers market or supermarket to decide on which vegetables/ ingredients to include in their sandwich. Learning about where food comes from.
  • Growing vegetables, cress or bean sprouts to use when making sandwiches.

Art and Design

  • Designing their own monster sandwich by drawing, colouring and/ or painting.


  • Writing labels for different ingredients on their monster sandwich designs.
  • Writing recipes for a recipe book.

What ideas do you have for EYFS healthy eating activities?

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