Easter craft activities are a great introduction to celebrating the festival, and they can be adapted for all ages within the Early Years. We’ve brought together some quick and easy finger and hand print ideas which are great as art on their own, but can also be used to make Easter cards with a personal touch.


For these Easter Crafts, you will need:


Handprint Chicks

handprint chick

First, one hand in yellow paint and press it down carefully onto your paper or card, pointing hand down and ensuring that only two fingers make a mark. This will form the chick’s body. Now dip both hands and print them pointing outwards to form the wings. Allow the paint to fully dry, then stick on wiggly eyes and a nose made from folded card. Add feet with felt-tip pen to finish.

Easter Chicks

Egg Chick painting

Cut out some shapes from yellow and orange paper for the children to stick onto the main card or paper sheet. Include shapes which can form the body, feet and nose of your chick. Add wings using hands dipped in yellow paint, and finish with wiggly eyes.

Fingerprint Easter Egg

easter egg finger prints

Draw an Egg shape and encourage children to add many different coloured fingerprints to it, using ready mix paint. To make it into a card, cut out the egg, and stick onto card.

Hand and Finger Print Rabbits

fingerprint rabbits

To create your rabbit outline, cover two fingers and the palm of your child’s hand in white paint, then press it onto coloured card or paper. Then make the face, by painting on a circle shape. Add ears and a nose using pink colouring pens paint. Add wiggly eyes, and finish by drawing mouths and whiskers with a black colouring pen.

Fingerprint Chicks

Easter art finger print chicks

Dip the ends of two fingers in yellow paint and press them onto a piece of paper, one on top of the other. Allow the paint to dry, and add eyes, beaks and feet using colouring pens of your choice.


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