create your own tartan

This fun, easy activity is a great introduction to tartan for young children looking to gain an understanding of its cultural significance and history. It provides an opportunity to unleash their creativity,  encouraging expressive design and also developing fine motor skills. Our tartan activities are a great way to begin discussion of a range of topics and cultural events, such as Burns night & St Andrew’s Day.

You will need:

Sugar paper
Ready mix paint
Safeprint foam sheets
Paint brushes
Glue sticks

To create your own Tartan

CreateYourOwnTartan-4 a

1. On a foam sheet, draw lines outlining the lines of your tartan pattern in one direction. Using lines of differing widths is one way to add a little variation to your design


2. Cut out strips from a second foam sheet matching the design, and use a glue stick to stick the strips onto the first foam sheet in the desired pattern.

3. With a paint brush, paint the strips with your desired colours and turn over the foam tile. Press it down firmly onto your paper.tartan printing

4. Once your horizontal design is printed on your paper, re-apply paint to your foam tile in the design which you want for your vertical lines. Then carefully print the new colours over the existing ones, ensuring that the the two sets of lines are perpendicular. This will create the classic tartan design.create your own tartan

5. Now carefully repeat this process over the area you want to fill, to create an entire page of your very own tartan.

EYFS learning goals supported by this project

ELGO1 Communication and language development: listening and attention

ELG02 Communications and language development: understanding

ELG04 Physical development: moving and handling co-ordination

ELG06 Personal, social and emotional development: Self confidence and self awareness

ELG12 Mathmatics development: shape, space and measures

ELG13 Understanding the world: people and communities

ELG16 Expressive art and design: exploring and using media and materials

ELG17 Expressive arts and design: being imaginative

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