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Young children love making and giving gifts to their mums on Mother’s day. Homemade and personalised gifts are often the most cherished, so this simple guide to making clay hand ornaments should wow mothers while allowing children to express their creative side. With opportunity to stamp their own designs on this craft, your children will love getting stuck in and modelling with clay!

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1. Place once hand on a piece of card and carefully draw around it using the other hand. Remove your hand and cutout the outline to leave a hand shaped card.

paper hand on clay

2. Next, flatten a piece of clay with the rolling pin, and roll it to a rough thickness of one or two centimetres. Place the hand cut-out on top, and cut around it in the clay using a clay cutter. Remove the excess clay so that you are left with a flat clay hand. Slightly bend the fingers to shape them into a more life-like shape.

clay hand barrel beads

3. If you would like to add barrel beads to your piece, push them in firmly while the clay hasn’t dried out and is still pliable. Secure them in place early, as once the clay has dried you will not be able to easily re-attach them.

painted clay hand

4. Allow the your clay hands to dry fully, then you can decorate with a whatever additions you like. Our helpers made a couple of different designs. One was painted with different colours, while the other used glitter stars to add a little sparkle. If you are adding items such as glitter starts, carefully glue the back of each one and press down firmly on the hand, allowing a few of minutes to dry.

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