sensory mark making

This Christmas sensory mark making activity combines literacy with a fun sensory experience. It is quick and easy to set up and the ‘snow’ many additonal opportunities for discovery and play.

To set up the mark making tray, make up the insta-snow according to the pack instructions. The snow will feel cold to the touch anyway but can be made even colder by placing in the freezer before use. We also added glitter to our snow for a little extra sparkle. The tray can be used to form letters or write a name using a finger or stick. Cards with letters or words can also be placed next to the tray for children to copy and practice letter formation.
EYFS Christmas activities

For some added fun, we added emergency cars which can be used to play ‘snow rescue’ and for an interesting take on mark making. Small world toys, spades and scoops can also be added to encourage imaginative play and the chance to practice fine motor skills.

The snow can be kept and reused another day, if it has dried out, it can be reconstituted by adding a little more water.