10 Mar 2016

A Superhero Reading Cave

Our superhero reading cave can be used as an extension to superhero role play activities or as a way to encourage literacy as part of a superheroes topic. Superheroes are a fun way to inspire children to learn as well as linking to PHSE with discussions and activities about the positive characteristics […]

03 Aug 2016

Reggio Approach - Mark Making

When looking at the Reggio approach and thinking about exploration, this painting and mark making activity is brilliant. It links well with early writing, physical development and communication & language development. For mark making activity you will need • Paint brushes (as many different kinds as you have) • Sponges […]

07 Mar 2016

5 Ideas for Using Story Sacks to...

Introducing story sacks to your school or setting is an excellent way in which to stimulate children and bring stories to life.  You can use a ready made story sack featuring a book with soft toys of the main characters and other related materials to include the CD and prompt […]

26 Feb 2016

Superhero Bookmarks

Superheroes are great for engaging young children in reading and storytelling. They are a perfect starting point for creating individual stories, and can also be used to stimulate PHSE discussions around characteristics and behaviours of superheroes and role models. These easy to make superhero bookmarks are the perfect way to encourage early literacy […]

25 Jan 2016

A Sensory Tray for Chinese New Y...

This sensory tray is a fun way for young children to celebrate Chinese New Year whilst gaining a range of sensory experiences and getting the chance to practice fine motor skills whilst exploring the tray or develop communication skills through role play. Required Resources Chef Wok Set or similar cooking […]

09 Nov 2015

Christmas Sensory Mark Making

This Christmas sensory mark making activity combines literacy with a fun sensory experience. It is quick and easy to set up and the ‘snow’ many additonal opportunities for discovery and play. You will need Optional extras To set up the mark making tray, make up the insta-snow according to the […]

05 Oct 2015

Autumn Sensory Tray

Our autumn sensory tray provides a fun activity for 2 and 3 year olds to benefit from a range of sensory experiences including some colours and natural elements associated with autumn. We also placed our tray in an outdoor environment to allow our helper to fully experience the sounds, sights, […]

15 Jul 2015

Under the Sea Phonics Play

Phonics is a well recognised way of teaching children to read quickly and is proven to help children to become fluent and confident readers. Recognising the sounds that single letters and combinations of letters make is the first stage in phonics and helps children begin to decode words that they see […]