EYFS Maths

01 Sep 2016

Space Themed Maths for EYFS

This fun activity is perfect for space topics and give preschool and reception children the opportunity to focus on mathematical problem solving by exploring using small world play. You could include a variety of resources including: A tray Coloured sand Stones (moon rock) mirrors cardboard tubes made into space rockets Metal […]

24 Oct 2016

Christmas Activities for Early Y...

In this post we have a few simple Christmas themed activities for you to try that the children will love and learn from. Christmas Present Wrapping This simple Christmas themed activity allows children to familiarise themselves with shapes, patterns and everyday objects, and then use mathematical language to describe their […]

05 Oct 2015

Autumn Sensory Tray

Our autumn sensory tray provides a fun activity for 2 and 3 year olds to benefit from a range of sensory experiences including some colours and natural elements associated with autumn. We also placed our tray in an outdoor environment to allow our helper to fully experience the sounds, sights, […]

20 Jul 2015

A Dinosaur Bone Excavation and I...

Dinosaurs are a favourite topic for early years settings. A dinosaur bone excavation and investigation area will not only stimulate children’s imagination but will also give the opportunity for discovery, role play, discussion, early maths and art. Here is what we included in our excavation and investigation area: A Deep […]

10 Jun 2015

Ladybird Number Bonds - Printabl...

These Ladybird number bonds mats allow preschool and reception children to add the correct number of spots using modelling dough, buttons or counters so that the ladybird has 10 spots. Play is a key way of learning for EYFS children and this EYFS maths activity allows them to play with […]

13 May 2015

EYFS Maths: 7 Fun Outdoor Ideas

Outdoor learning is well recognised for its benefits of increasing motivation and confidence as well as the opportunities that it provides for physical development and learning about the world. Taking EYFS maths outdoors is a great way to turn it into a fun game with plenty of fun resources to […]