Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for children to express their thanks and appreciation to their mothers. It’s a special occasion for both the children and their mothers. Making their own personal cards is the perfect way for kids to express their gratitude, so we’ve come up with some card ideas for you to help them on their way.

You will need


Mother’s Day Flower Cards

cards for mother's day

Using a rectangle of paper, create a vase and cut off the two bottom corners. Fold the three edges of paper and glue to the card to create a vase shape. Now use coloured paper and a variety of cut-out paper shapes to create flowers flowers, and place them inside the vase.


Tissue Paper and Button Flower Cards

Mothers day cards

Draw flowers on your card using the fibre-tipped pens, and decorate them however you please. We used assorted buttons and scrunched up coloured tissue paper for ours. Finish by writing ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on the front and decorating with some of your remaining materials


Fingerprint Flowers

fingerprint tree

For this simple design, dip fingers in a paint of choice and print them onto paper. These will form the flowers on your tree. Wait for the paint to fully dry, and draw the trunk using your fibre-tipped pens, or paint it using brown ready mix paint.



Blossom Tree

card ideas pom pom tree

For this design, begin by drawing or painting the trunk and branches of a tree. Then, add colourful blosson in the form of scrunched up tissue paper, or small pompoms.


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