Create some sparkle this bonfire night with our easy-to-make projects. Explore the traditions behind the celebrations with the help of glitter, glue and a little bit of gusto!

Bonfire night crafts

Cardboard tube and pipe cleaner fireworks

Cover a cardboard tube with coloured paper and decorate with glitter glue. Take a few pipe cleaners and bind together to form a bunch. Thread beads onto the pipe cleaners, curling some of the ends around a pencil to create spiral shapes. Stick the pipe cleaner bunch into the cardboard tube.

Bonfire night pictures

bonfire night pictures

Tissue paper and glitter glue firework pictures

Cut moon and star shapes from yellow tissue paper and then stick onto black paper. Stick beads onto the paper and use glitter glue to draw on firework shapes.

Bonfire night rockets

Cardboard tube and tissue paper rockets

Wrap sugar paper around cardboard tubes and decorate with paper shapes and glitter glue. Cut a circle shape with a slit to make a cone for the tip of the rocket. Glue tissue paper to the base of the rocket and add string to hang the rocket up.

Lolly stick sparklers

Lolly stick sparklers

Glue foil shreds or any other sparkly materials to lolly sticks to create sparklers for children to wave and write their names in the air.

To make these bonfire night crafts, you will need?

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