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Our superhero reading cave can be used as an extension to superhero role play activities or as a way to encourage literacy as part of a superheroes topic. Superheroes are a fun way to inspire children to learn as well as linking to PHSE with discussions and activities about the positive characteristics and behaviours. The superhero cave is also a great place for tired superheroes to get a little rest and recharge their super powers. Why not ask the children what a superhero den looks like or ask them to design their own reading cave?

superhero reading den

To Make Your Superhero Reading Cave

We created our superhero reading cave using a sensory den made from black and white role play screens but you could use any indoor den or make your own. A superhero den can be decorated in lots of different ways.

We made signs for ours using picmonkey using the superheroes theme and simply printed and stuck them to the den. Photographs of children’s faces can also be added to the comic book signs and edited using masks and shields to decorate the cave. The comic book sound effects (onamatapeias) are can also be coloured in by children using crayons or colouring pens. You could also decorate your superhero reading cave with camoflage netting or spiders or bats. You could also opt for a traditional comic book colour scheme for your superhero den by draping it with primary coloured fabrics.

Superhero cave den

Next you will need to add some accessories for your superhero readers. Children love dressing up as superheroes and some capes and masks will give them the opportunity to get into character. Torches will also ensure that children have enough light to read and add an extra element of fun.

There are plenty of superhero books to help children get inspired to read, some of our favourites include:

superhero den

Superhero Extension Ideas

EYFS learning goals supported by this activity:

ELG 06 Personal, social and emotional development: self-confidence and self-awareness

ELG07 Managing feelings and behaviour: managing feelings and behaviour

ELG09 Literacy: Reading

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