Sensory Tray Chinese New Year

This sensory tray is a fun way for young children to celebrate Chinese New Year whilst gaining a range of sensory experiences and getting the chance to practice fine motor skills whilst exploring the tray or develop communication skills through role play.

Required Resources

Sensory play noodles

We set up our Chinese New Year Sensory tray using an activity tray to contain any mess. We found that cooked spaghetti was a little firmer when cooked than noodles and stirring in a small amount of cooking oil after draining the spaghetti stopped it from sticking together. We left the rice uncooked to make it easier to scoop and scatter but this could also be cooked for a different sensory experience.

Sensory Play CNY

Our Chinese New Year sensory tray provided a range of learning and play opportunities, allowing children to scoop and move the food items using the spatula and chop sticks. Using chopsticks can be tricky for younger children to master, but they can often come up with their own creative ways of using them. Playing with the tray also gives children a good opportunity to learn about Chinese culture by talking about the food and the way it is cooked and eaten and exploring through role play.

Early Literacy and Role Play

The addition of written media to the the area will help to expand the opportunities for role play and is also a fun way to introduce early literacy and the concept of different languages and alphabets. Some possibilities could include empty packaging from Chinese food, a simple Chinese menu with pictures or fortune cookies with fortunes inside.

Sensory play

EYFS learning goals supported by this activity:

ELG01 Communication and language: speaking

ELG04 Physical development: moving and handing co ordination

ELG06 Personal, social and emotional development: Self confidence and self awareness

ELG13 Understanding the world: People and communities

ELG14 Understanding the world: The world

How will you be celebrating Chinese New Year this year?

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