Mother's Day Garland

Making a flower garland is a great way for children to celebrate Mother’s Day and take home something special. While the finished item will look great, young children will also greatly benefit from the process of creating their own personalised garland. They have the chance to plan and design which colours and shapes they would like to produce, and can then practice their fine motor skills while putting the final item together.

You will need



paper plate for garland

1. To begin, take a paper plate and carefully cut out the middle using scissors. Gently folding in half can make the initial cut easier to make, while ensuring that the outer ring of the plate remains wholly intact.


2. Next, begin the decorations by drawing a flower with felt tip pen on a sheet of your thin white card, and colouring the petals with a colour of your choice. Fill in the middle with a different colour, then carefully cut the flower out.

flower plate

3. Attach the flower to the outside of the paper plate using glue, ensuring to use the raised side of the plate.

garland taking shape

4. Add layers of scrunched up tissue paper to create a different style of flower. Using two colours for each flower works well. Then finish with some of your assorted buttons, or barrel beads.

Mother's Day Garland

5. Complete the garland by continuing to add new flowers until you reach the whole way around the plate. To enable you to hang the garlands on a wall, attach some string or punch a hole in the back of the plate.


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