Christmas sensory tray

This Christmas sensory tray is not only a fun activity for pre school children but also a great learning experience. The tray is easy to set up and offers a good opportunity for children to practice fine motor skills, develop language skills and lots more.

festive sensory tray

Our tray consisted of a range of items relating to Christmas with lots of interesting colours, textures and smells. The pin cones were an immediate attraction.

pine cone trees

Our helper decided to use the pine cones as little Christmas trees to decorate with pom poms and ribbons, a fun activity for practising those fine motor skills.

festive sensory tray 5a

We also filled a sensory tube with a range of Christmas items and some glitter to add some extra interest and a fun sensory experience for the babies.

EYFS sensory tray

We added some tweezers, bowls and scoops for scooping, grabbing and sorting the items from the tray.

Some more fun festive ideas:

  • Sorting and counting the different coloured items into bowls using tweezers and scoops
  • Talking about the sounds, smells and colours of Christmas
  • Use the Christmas items to make festive pictures or crafts e.g. pine cone Christmas trees, collages or printing with pine cones or with tweezers and pom poms in paint.
  • Add small toys to allow children to create their own imaginative festive small world play.

ELG17 Expressive arts and design: Being imaginative

Will you be making Christmas sensory trays? What will you be adding?

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