Celebrate Easter with our easy and fun Easter craft ideas. From Easter nests to chicks and eggs, there are plenty of fun projects for children to get creative this spring.

Easter chick art

Chick Easter Card

Cut an oval shape from card and glue on wiggly eyes, a paper beak and feathers for wings. Fold a strip of paper to create a spring that can be used to attach the chick to a piece of folded card. Children can then add their own Easter messages or greetings with colouring pens.

Easter crafts

Cardboard Tube Bunnies and Chicks

Stick 3 cardboard tubes together and then cover by sticking a piece of white or yellow coloured paper around them. Stick on wiggly eyes and paper beaks (for chicks) or ears (for rabbits). Draw features onto the models with colouring pens.

Easter chicks craft

Egg Chicks

Cut out pieces of yellow card in the shape of chicks feet. Stick a polystyrene egg onto the feet on its narrowest end. Glue on wiggly eyes, feathers and beaks made from folded diamonds of card.

chicks in a nest

Pompom Chicks in a Nest

Blow up a balloon so that it is quite small. Soak coloured yarn in glue and then wrap around half of the balloon. Leave the glue to dry for a few days before popping and removing the balloon. Fill the nest with a little tissue paper or shredded paper. Make chicks by sticking wiggly eyes and beaks onto pompoms, and then place them in the nests.

Easter baskets

Paper Cup Easter Baskets

Take a paper cut and cut about 1/3 of the top away. Then cut vertical strips from the cup, leaving strips that can be used to weave with. Use pipe cleaners, strips of paper or ribbons to weave between the paper cup strips and finish by turning the paper cup strips inwards at the top.  Pipe cleaners can be twisted together to create longer pieces for weaving, but children will need to be careful as the ends may be sharp. Cut about ½ of the top off another paper cup away and put the bottom of the cup inside of the basket and push down to hold everything in place.

chicks in a nest

String Easter Basket

Blow up a balloon. Soak string in glue and wrap around half of a balloon. Leave the glue to dry for a few days before popping the balloon. The basket can then be filled with eggs either chocolate or decorated eggs.

Paper plate art

Paper Plate Chick

Paint a paper plate with yellow paint. Add feathers, a beak and wiggly eyes. Alternatively, the wiggly eyes can be omitted and eye holes cut to create a chick mask which can either be secured with elastic or held using a lolly stick.

Chicks in nest art

String and Chick Picture

A mixture of string of coloured yarns can be glued to card to create a nest. Bird cut outs can then be stuck above the nest and wiggly eyes added for a fun and easy Easter craft idea.

What creative activities have you been working on this Easter?

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