Minibeasts are a firm favourite in early years settings. After getting outdoors on a minibeast hunt these fun crafts are a great way to extend children’s learning about the topic and give them a chance for some creative expression. Just a few different resources including paper plates, paper bowls, cardboard tubes, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue, paint and coloured paper can be used to make a variety of loveable critters.

mini beast crafts

Paper Bowl Bugs

An up turned paper bowl makes a great 3d mini beast model. Children can paint their bugs how ever they choose including with spots or stripes before finishing with pipe cleaner legs, feather or paper wings and glitter glue details.

Mini beast craft


Pipe Cleaner Spiders and String Spiders Web

The spiders web is super easy to make, just cut the centre from a paper plate, cut some slits in the edge of the plate and wind around some string. The spiders are made from 4 pipe cleaners (the legs) with another 2 pipe cleaners wound around for the body, finished with some stick on or wiggly eyes.

early years mini beast craft

Egg and Tube Critters

Left over polystyrene eggs from Easter or card board rolls make great insect bodies. They can be decorated with variety of materials including tissue paper pieces or coloured paper squares, pom poms, feathers and pipe cleaners.

minibeast crafts 5

Paper Plate Insects

Half paper plates can be used to create insects with just a little paint, circles of black paper for faces and pipe cleaner wings and legs. Of course, as with all of our mini beast crafts, the addition of wiggly eyes is a must.

fold butterflies

Tube Butterflies

These tube butterflies are really easy and fun to make and a great way for children to lean about symmetry. You can find out more about how to make them in our how to guide here.

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