With the big day just a few weeks away, we have been having a go at making some fun Father’s Day card ideas. Fathers Day is a special time for children and their dads when they get the chance to show how much they love them by giving them something lovely and personal that they have created themselves. Our Fathers Day card ideas include some fun and easy art projects to suit children of all ages.

Fathers Day Card Ideas

Daddy Bunting

The Daddy bunting is good opportunity for children to get a little fine motor practice by cutting out letters and threading onto string or ribbon. For younger children, letters can be ready cut out allowing them to decorate with cut out shapes and glitter. The bunting can be carefully put into an envelope for a lovely surprise for any Dad.

Fathers Day Card Ideas

Stylish Shirt Cards

These shirt cards are made by cutting a shirt shape into a folded piece of card. The shirts can then be decorated with collars, ties, buttons and patterns, each with its own individual style, just like the Daddies!

hedgehog handprint fathers day card



Finger print art giraffe


handprint crab


Hand and Finger Print Fathers Day Cards

A personalised hand or finger print card is always a hit on Father’s day especially for little ones. These hand and finger print cards are super easy to make with just a little pair of hands and an adult helper. For the hedgehog, dip the hands in brown paint and place three hand prints on the paper in a row. Once dry draw on some legs and  a nose. For the giraffe, cut out a shape from yellow paper before decorating with finger prints in brown paint and sticking onto another piece of paper. The crab is just two hand prints turned outward in brown paint with a smile drawn on. Each of these handprint cards can be finished with some wiggly eyes and a Happy Fathers Day greeting.

What Father’s day card ideas do you have for this year?

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