These fun crafts are fun for children to make and take home at Christmas. They are also a good way of decorating an early years setting ready for the festive season.

Angel craft for Christmas

Cardboard Tube Angel

The angel is made by drawing on a face adn sticking on wiggly eyes before wrapping gold tissue paper around the tube to create a dress. The wings are made from coloured card decorated with snowflake sequins ad the arms from folded pieces of tissue paper. The angel is finished by using a pipe cleaner to make a halo.

christmas snowman


This cute paper cup snowman is made by turning a cup upside down. Two holes were carefully cut in the sides and a lolly stick pushed through to make arms. A strip of black paper is wound around the top of the paper cup and a circle with a smaller circle cut out will be used to create the brim of the hat. The snowman’s face, buttons and arms can be drawn on using felt tip pens and the ribbon used to create a scarf.

nutcracker soldier

Nutcracker Soldier

The nutcracker solider is made using cardboard rolls covered with piece of red, black and pink paper. The nutcracker soldier can then be decorated using colouring pens, tissue paper and glitter glue and markers.

Extension idea: Look at different images of ‘nutcracker soldiers’ and discuss why they appear at Christmas time.

reindeer Christmas crafts


To make this fun red nosed reindeer, turn a paper cup upside down and cut out small pieces to create legs. Cover the cup with torn up pieces of crepe paper using glue. Once the glue has dried, finish the model by sticking on pipe cleaner antlers, wiggly eyes and  a red pom pom nose.

Father Christmas

Father Christmas

This Father Christmas model is another easy craft to make using a simple paper cup. Use a circle of red paper to create a cone for the hat and stick on with tape, a pompom can also be added to make a bobble. Father Christmas’s coat and beard can be made by cutting shapes from paper. Once stuck onto the cup, wiggly eyes can be stuck on and a face drawn using felt tip pen.

snow palace

Snow Palace

This frosty snow palace used cardboard tubes and an upturned paper cup for turrets, decorated with glitter glue and snowflake sequins. The turrets are made using half circles of paper twisted into cones and covered in silver tissue paper, then attached with sticky tape or glue dots.

Christmas tree model

Christmas Tree

This easy 3d Christmas tree is made using two identical tree shapes cut from green card and then slotted together. The base is made from a tube of brown paper wound around the base. Children can decorate the tree in any way they like using sequins, beads and glitter glue.

bauble picture a

Christmas Bauble Picture

Using a cardboard tube and ready-mix paint, stamp circle shapes onto coloured card. Using the cardboard tube as a guide, draw circles onto contrasting coloured paper or card, and cut out. Decorate the baubles with glitter and glue the circles onto the paper. To make the 3D baubles, simply fold one of the circles in half and glue into the centre. Stick on string for the baubles to hang on and finish with a handwritten Christmas message.

christmas card idea

Robin Finger Puppet

This roud robin is made using a circle of brown card with two small circles cut out as finger holes. Finish by sticking on a circle of red paper, a yellow folded diamond as a beak and wiggly eyes.

Extension idea: Children can perform their own puppet show using a range of festive puppets that they have created.

wrapping paper a

Stamped Wrapping Paper

Home made stamped wrapping paper is great for wrapping home made gifts and easily made using paper and any Christmas stampers with either ink or paper.

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